Chapter III

Monday, April 23, 2007

Recap and What's To Come

"Benson Callier 6-6 Western Kentucky – An extremely athletic player who can play the ¾ position. He averaged 16.5ppg and 8.5rpg for the event. He showed the ability to play out on the floor as well as on the post. He is an excellent leaper who can rebound in traffic."

After two games this weekend this is what was said about my game. From the description of my leaping ability, one can tell I was putting on an air attack. This years Hoops Pro Invitational was a great opportunity to meet other players from around the country. It also gave me the chance to play against some of the best competitors in and around Kentucky. I came off the bench both games to lift up our team defensively. Averaging only 12 minutes per game I collected an averaged nearly a double double and played lock down perimeter and low post defense. It was great to once again play for something. Although we lost the first game, due to a flat start we picked it up for the final game with a high-scoring victory/finale of 103-100. I played with UofL seniors Parrin Johnson and Brandon Jenkins, Xavier's, big man, Brandon Cole AKA "The IceBox" because he will freeze you out and several other seniors from their respected programs. Considering the fact that I wasn't even suppose to play, really makes me feel a sence of accomplishment. I simply found this tournament online and submitted my credentials to Coach Stinnett and the next thing I know I was on the roster with UofL stars and playing against potential pro players. It may be small but I really enjoyed myself. This weekend I am schedualed to play in the WBA showcase in Indiana.I also have plans to play in Texas this weekend.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Psalm of Faith: Journey To The Tryout

As everyone knows, I had been training pretty hard for the opportunity to play among the best senior college basketball players in the country at the P.I.T. Without the necessary resources that trip was unfortunately cancelled. Although I was greatly discouraged I continued to train and prepare myself for an opportunity to shine. As everyone know I made a calendar with workout plans on them and made further arrangments to play in tournaments around the country. (On my own accord) So I had already missed the planned P.I.T. Tourney in V.A. and had planned to go to Marietta, GA to try-out for an exposure league that has sent numerous players on to my ultimate goal, that is the NBA. The training I was doing to prepare for this try-out was great. I felt good! I would work during the day, and practice at night. During this time I hadn't thought twice about how exactly was I going to get to Marietta, GA! This issue didn't arise until the night before. Without a dollar to my name and hours until the greyhound left for Marietta at 6pm arriving there just in time for me to registar. I had to raise $125 dollars to get there and $225 to register in what is now hours. I began to call friends, family, hell anybody who would listen! I had gathered all of my clothes out of my dorm room in northeast and began to wash them and iron them in prepartion to sell them to Plato's closet for some extra cash. I didn't finish that until about 4am Thursday morning. I had plans on leaving a day early on Thursday after work so that my legs wouldn't be so tired. My bus was schedualed to leave at 6pm thursday evening. I was hustling after work. I mean hustling! Pawning my TV, VCR, Everything! On some crack head SHHHHH! By the time I finished hustling I had relized that I missed selling my clothes to Plato's closet. I was stressed to my peak because no matter what I did, I was getting nowhere, fast. I just refused to miss another opportunity, I just had to make this one. If I didnt make it I thought that I would just break. It was now only two hours before I was schedualed to leave and I was exhausted, I had now only slept two hours in two days and I only have $2 to my name. It is now around one hour before my bus leave and reality as I knew began to set in. I was going to miss this trip, AGAIN! I almost cried. Picture a grown ass man boo hoo crying. I would be lying to say the only reason I didn't cry is because I was going to fight until the bitter end. [sic] And if I went down I was going to go OWT fightin! It is now 6 and my bus has left and I have now accepted the fact that it was over. And as soon as I deserted myself, like a light bulb I get a phone call. "Hey daddy", its my son Darien and I was immediately uplifted with the closure of our conversation, "I love you daddy" I almost lost it, I had to make it. Soon after my talk with my son, Adrien DeLoach called and asked me how I was doing and I told him of my distress. He spoke not a word of himself and said that he would fill up his tank and let me drive his car. Shortly after that I get another call and it is my mentor and damn near father Anthony Lawrence who vows to pay the $225 registration fee. And then almost seconds after that I get a phone call from a girlfriend of mine who asked to remain nameless who lets me borrow $40. All of this happening almost minutes after I had thought that it couldn't be done. Now I had a car with a full tank and $42 to eat on and now about 6hrs to get to Marietta before the 8am registration deadline. I was advised to go to sleep by everyone before I set owt on the road. I decided to get my directions and hit the road before something else happens to prevent me from going. So around 12am Friday morning I was on the road! It was about the time I got to the other side of Chattanooga when the sand man hit me hard! I had to stop but not for long. I slept for 45 min and I was on the road again. I made it to Life University at 8am and my head was bloody but unbowed. Now with 2hrs and 45minutes of slepp in the last 72hrs I was hit! That means dead tired with body aches and just problems I couldnt see a solution too. I mean I still didn't have anywhere to stay in Marietta and no money to eat with while I was there. But I was there and that was the main battle. I registered and played basketball and drills for nine hours! I felt like I was in mini camp! I guess that is their weeeding out process or something. All I remember is being asked to do a 17 but not running, defensive slides. What! Defensive slides! I thought the man was crazy! But I did them with a smile and enthusiam that lifted up the people around me. It was fun to me, challenging myself through all of the obstacles that most people don't know about or even see. The first day of camp is over and I am now so tired Im sleep walkin. I need a place to stay, then out of nowhere a friend of my friend Adrien called me and asked me if I needed a place to stay for the night? I wanted to say HEEEEEELLLLLL YEAH! But I simply said yes. Eric Kemp is his name. The man open his home to me, a virtural stranger. The Kemp's showed me so much love, I felt almost bad for all the things they did for me. At the end of the day, when it is all said and done this is what happen.
Notable Sponsors
Adrien DeLoach-Car
Tiffany Hubert- Food for the road
Anthony Lawrence- $225 registration fee
THA Kemp's- Southern Hospitality
THA Myer's-$80, used for gas and food in Marietta
Nameless Girl-$40
Friends and Family- Support and Love
Thank you to everyone who pitched in to help me have this opportunity.
When it is all said and done, know this:
"the journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step"
Thanks Eddy
Young people believe, have faith and dont desert yourselves. Do everything in your power and let the chips fall where they may. This is my story of COURAGE, AMBITION AND LOVE.