Chapter III

Monday, December 22, 2008

Pro Wings Journal: Callier Signs With Reigning Champions

What's going on to everybody in MY SPACE! I'm still traveling, barreling through the road ahead. I feel a lot better now that I have spent quality time with friends and family. Now its time to get back on the J.O.B. I cant sit around and let my skill get too rusty, I'm still a baller. I'm the type of person that needs a constant challenge, unfortunately I can't find that back home. So I came to a place where that is possible. I'm currently playing for the Vermont Frost Heaves, located in Burlington, Vermont. I like it, because there is a constant challenge in front of me. Between the 3 and a half hr practices and the 3 workouts a day, I know that I am in the right situation. I told myself, this is the challenge I was looking for. A player at my level, has to stay challenged. I do keep in contact with some of my teammates and fans back in Gothia, but this situation is what I needed to get to the NBA. A lot was thrown at me the first day, I had to pick things up and I mean quick! This train is either going with or without me, so I had to lean on teammates and the two greatest coach's in college basketball Joe Lenard Hamilton, and Darren Horn. What I learned from those guy's and there staff has helped me through. I was lucky to have great coaches in the past and coach Will Voigt is living up to his reputation. This situation will help me reach a level that will shake up the summer league. I hope that people are getting ready because, I'm coming! Oh yeah shot out to PYNK MEDIA GROUP, for helping me organize my page and for the help in my career so far. My agent John Spencer for helping me and everybody who supports me, thank you. Until next time Benson Callier Professional Wings Journal QWT!!!!

Monday, December 01, 2008

On The Road Again

“Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path” (Psalm 119:105).

I began my season with Gothia Basket with excitement. I love the game of basketball and was intrigued at the chance to play internationally. Personally, I set career benchmarks and welcomed challenges the new team and league placed before me. While the season did not start the way either the players or the coaches would have imagined; I have grown both physically and mentally from my time with Gothia Basket.

I wish the Gothia Basket organization the best season and future in the league. The fans possessed contagious energy that will be missed as I continue my career.

Friday, August 08, 2008

He Got Game (All IBL First Team)

Sports Digest

Four members of the Gary Steelheads were named IBL All-Stars. Point guard Royce Parran, guard Shaun Fountain, forward Benson Callier and center Kenyon Gamble earned the honor. The Steelheads finished the season 18-4 but did not compete in the postseason.

I just found out from my coach that four players from the Gary Steelheads have been chosen 1st team all IBL by the coaches and owners in the IBL on Friday August 8, 2008. I personally I could not have done it without my teammates. We all worked hard on the court and clicked off the court. To finish up my list of players who GOT GAME, I would like to specially acknowledged the will and determination of one special kid who's hard work should be note and recognized.

Kenyon Gamble, is naturally gifted at 6'11 he is long and athletic. He can shoot from beyond the college arch and have a great feel for the game. Although his strengths was not noted by the IBL, that is block shots, Kenyon would have easily led the league in block shots, and rebounds. A game changer on the defensive end, if he isn't blocking your shot he is deterring the shot attempt. Player comparisons Marcus Camby.

Shauwn Fountain, a master at the pick and role, Shauwn was a serious problem for many teams in the IBL and would a problem for a lot of people period... He can score so well off the dribble that you have to respect his illusive quickness and he has range off the dribble. He always made the right decision and gave the team exactly what it needed at all times. A true point gaurd who can score the basketball.

Quinell Brown, the silent assassin. He was key to the success of the team. He guards the best player on the opposing team and manages a 12ppg average. A natural athlete, he has a unique combination of strength and quickness. He can Guard 1-4, and stop them. He was a key asset for the Gary Steelheads. He has a great understanding of the game, and he is an exceptional teammate. I would love to play with this guy again. I tell you one thing I wouldn't want to have to play against him.

Chris Charles, a very athletic big man, who have size and length. Towering at 7'0 he was the acncor for the Elkhart Express this year. He has a consistent jumper and he can run the floor very well. Player comparisons Samuel Dalembert.

Last but not least I want to first off say thank you to a special person. The guy inspired me daily. He was never late to practice, never complained, and never got one dollar for all of his hard work. He wore three different hats serving as player, manager, and assistant coach for the Gary Steelheads. Chris Wesby was a great teammate and we couldn't have been as successful with out him. The kid didn't get paid a dime and came to play everyday without complaint. He also stayed after practice to make sure all of the balls was accounted for, even after Ex NBA Vets like Sam Mack would make him pay his rookie dues by kicking the balls to the top rows of the gym.LOL He carried the jerseys of all the players to and from every game and made sure every jersey was accounted for. Its not like he wasn't talented, he is 6'8 220, versatile inside/outside game and can jump out of the gym! This is the only guy I would admit beat me in the 2008 IBL dunk competition. Although this kid is very raw, he is very teachable and is hungry to be better. I'm willing to put my name on this kid! Ill give the kid anything, he really impressed me more than any other teammate I have ever had. I saw a lot of potential in Chris and that's why I was hard on him.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Benson "Callie" Ready For Gothia Basketball

2008-07-01 13:38
Benson Callier klar för Gothia Basket Benson Callie ready for Gothia Basketball

Gothia Basketball has acquired Benson Callie, a 195cm long and very spectacular forward. Vi räknar med att han kommer att tillföra en stor portion showande till laget, med snabbt spel och framför allt spektakulära dunkar. We anticipate that he will add a great deal of the show to the team, with fast play and, above all, spectacular cans.

12 mars utlovades ett nytt Gothia Basket inför säsongen 2008/09, vi skall lära oss utav förra säsongen och bli bättre på alla plan. March 12 announced a new Gothia Basketball pre-season 2008/09, we will learn out of the past season and become better at all levels. Tidigare har vi kontrakterat bland annat Michael Bree och Ian Johnson för att få en större stabilitet i laget. Earlier, we have contracted including Michael Bree and Ian Johnson to have a greater stability in the team. Nu var det dags att tillföra mer show till Gothia Basket, han är en spänstig dunkmaskin och han heter Benson Callier. Now it was time to add more show to the Gothia Basketball, he is an athletic dunkmaskin and his name is Benson Callie.

Benson spelade collegebasket för Western Kentucky University, där han var lagkompis med nyblivne NBA spelaren Courtney Lee. Benson played collegebasket for Western Kentucky University, where he was teammates with the new NBA player Courtney Lee. Hans agent heter John Spencer och spelade i Kärcher Basket tillsammans med Joey Johnson. His agent named John Spencer and played in Kärcher Basketball along with Joey Johnson.

Gothia kontaktade John för en månad sen och gav honom i uppdrag att hitta 2000-talets Joey- en spänstig och spektakulär dunkmaskin. Gothia contacted John for a months ago and gave him a mandate to find 2,000-century Joey-an athletic and spectacular dunkmaskin. I normala fall kontaktar agenterna oss och tipsar om spelare de redan har, men den här gången var det annorlunda. Normally, the agents contact us and provide tips on the players they already have, but this time was different. Vi visste exakt vad vi ville ha och efter att sökt av marknaden hittade Spencer för en vecka sedan Benson Callier. We knew exactly what we wanted and sought after by the market found Spencer for a week ago, Benson Callie.

Joey Johnson var under mitten av 90-talet Basketligans stora affischnamn och vi räknar med att Benson blir hans tronföljare. Joey Johnson was during the mid-90s Basketligans large affischnamn and we expect that Benson will be his tronföljare. Han var under förra säsongen en av de stora stjärnorna i amerikanska proffsligan CBA och han har alla förutsättningar att bli en stjärna även i Gothia Basket och Svenska Basketligan. He was last season, one of the big stars in the U.S. proffsligan CBA, and he has all the prerequisites to become a star in the Gothia Basketball and the Swedish Basketligan. Kontraktet med Gothia är hans första i Europa och sträcker sig över en säsong. The contract with the Gothia is his first in Europe and extends over a season.

- Benson blir en viktig pusselbit. -- Benson become an important part of the puzzle. Han är en komplett spelare som kan dunka, göra poäng och även spela försvar. He is a complete player who can thump, making points, and also play defense. Till spelstilen påminner han om Joey Johnson och kommer förhoppningsvis att bli en lika stor tillgång för Gothia Basket som Joey var för Kärcher, säger Jonas Fredrikson, som i början av sin karriär var lagkompis med Johnson. As a style of play reminds him of Joey Johnson and will hopefully become an equal access for the Gothia Basketball that Joey was too Kärcher, "says Jonas Fredrikson, who at the beginning of his career was teammates with Johnson.