Chapter III

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Pro Experience Grove City Wrap Up

After wrapping up, The 2009 Pro Experience Basketball Camp in Grove City, I am extremely humbled by the welcoming arms of the Grove City community. Its not too many places where people come together to ensure that the experience that a kid has will be memorable one. Most times I see people give just enough to get by, but not in Grove City, the participating businesses gave above and beyond. I first would like to thank everyone who supported this cause, which was to give kids who may not be able to afford to go to basketball camp, the opportunity to participate. Thank you for giving the Pro Experience Basketball Camp the privilege to be the First Ever Basketball Camp for many of the kids at the camp. I cant tell you the feeling I got when one of the kids told me this was his first ever basketball camp.
I am happy to announce that because of support from businesses around the Grove City area, I had the pleasure to teach kids the game of basketball, along with leave a lasting impression with them that I hope that they never forget. There were around 15 kids who where awarded tuition this year and one of them earned the camp MVP honors and will begin his first year of high school. I think he will be a starter for his junior high team this year. I also have to report the little joker made a half court shot for a new pair of Nike's from coach.I had three very great coach/volunteers for the camp from the Local Nike Outlets in Grove City. To Billy, Phil, and Megan thank you so much for your expertise and dedication to the community. It was my pleasure to provide a camp of this nature for the kids, and I have been booked for next summer with people who want The Pro Experience Basketball Camp to come and hold clinics with them next year.

I love giving back to the kids, but I am a baller as well. I'm planning a photo shoot with my guys at K1X, they want to see if I can get as high in their shoes as I did in others. I told my connect there its not the jumping thats the problem, because I get so high, it's the landing part that gets tricky. Let just say they sent me the 24's of basketball shoes. Stay tuned for my report!!! I have a shoe that is in production now, I might surprise everyone with who I'm collabing with to make the shoe. The story behind this is crazy, but I cant discuss anything right now. I got a gag order, on me right now. I will be designing a fresh shoe to jump off the 2009/2010 season.

I would like to take the time out to say thank you to the following businesses:

Grove City Area Middle School
,George Junior Republic, The Callier Family, The Myer Family,The Crocker Family, David Kuhlber State Farm, Scott Knouse at BI-LO, Burger King, Nike Outlets Grove City, Fat Andy's Pizza, 4 Star Pizza, Pizza Hut, Tom Burdick Burdick's Clothing Store, Dean's Juice Company, K1X, C.R.O.N.S.,Earth Sun Moon T-Shirt Printing, Ithen Global, David Cashdollar (Cashdollar and Associates),The Chamber of Commerce Grove City, Florida State University Men's Basketball Team, The National Basketball Academy (Orlando Magic Camp) ,ImageFX, RichardHowell