Chapter III

Thursday, April 15, 2010

How to Finish a Season?

I'm asking, how do I close a season the right way? Very seldom do I see a paragon of basketball professionalism at the end of the season. I'm searching for that answer via a great example, but very seldom I see it in players. That "it" from what I can see it ebbs and flows through each individual as an act of good will.
My approach is to treat every situation as a act of good will, without the intentions of reciprocal gain. After looking back what I took away from the Heaves this year is the act of goodwill. I am grateful for the opportunity to add a positive message to the community of Barre and carry that ideal to my next stop. Now, I am off to a summer league in Canada. I was picked up by the Edmonton Energy. I thoroughly considered the situation and the best thing to promote the game at a very high level is to play for the Energy. I have a lot on the line and excellence is the only alternative. This is Benson Callier Pro Wingz Journal Owt

Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Disease of Me

I remember my first two years of college at FSU, my coach would preach to us about a sickness. A diabolical disease that kills all hopes for a championship. Although his delivery came across as a joke, I now see how important it is. As the great Pastor Bell Of Lively Stone Church in Bowling Green Kentucky would say "you might not need this right now but you can set this on the shelf and use it when you need it" she would say that to me when she would hit me with some deep spiritual lessons that I wasn't ready to understand. Much like Pastor Bell, Coach Hamilton at FSU would always talk about the disease of me. I never really understood what it really meant. I never forgot the saying, and I think about it all the time. I finally decided to learn about the disease of me. Apparently, this is a saying from coach Pat Riley, he spoke about it in his book. I think that I should share what I found on it. This is what I am commited to for the rest of the season. Thanks coach Ham.

The Disease of Me=the defeat of us
6 symptoms of the disease of me
1. Chronic feelings of under appreciation-focused on oneself
2. Paranoia of being cheated out ones rightful share.
3. Leadership vacuum resulting from formation of cliques and rivalries.
4. Feelings of fraustration even when the team performs sucessfully.
5. Personal effort mustered solely to outshine ones teammate.
6. Resentment of the competence of another-refuse to admire his contribution.